Why do I need shop insurance

It’s been an incredibly tough few years for retailers across the UK. The consumer slow down and cuts have seen high street stores suffer at the hands of the country’s economy. It’s now something of a rarity for people to hit the shops on a weekend, everybody is cutting back and desperate for sales and half price items. This of course no good for your business as a shop owner.

Retailers have seen little improvement since 2007. Profits have suffered and there are drastic decreases in custom. As a result of this, some retailers have had no choice but neglect their shop insurance. This has of course had immediate effects on profit as they aren’t paying an insurance premium. However, this will definitely come back to haunt you as you will not have employers liability insurance. If ever something happened you would not be covered if anybody tried to claim.

Shops actually suffer more broken windows and vandalism than any other business. Despite this being a simple example of a claim, a window could cost around £500. This of course isn’t the be all and end all of your worries. There’s a high chance that a lot of your stock would have been taken! Shop insurance would have covered this for you no problem.

There’s also the potential of somebody slipping over in your shop. What if you forget to put a wet floor sign out? We live in this compensation culture and the ‘no win no fee’ vultures take pleasure with this sort of thing. It’s impossible to suggest what the cost of compensation would be if you did not have the right shop insurance!

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