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Owning a restaurant is certainly a challenging task. Making sure that you’re restaurant gets the appropriate reputation it deserves is something that can prove quite difficult. It isn’t just a case of good food; you have to get the building, décor and ambience of the restaurant absolutely perfect if you’re to build a successful business.

One of the top priorities on the To Do list is the health and safety guidelines. We are amidst the compensation culture, with plenty of ‘no win no fee’ solicitors attacking everybody to ‘come forward.’ A restaurant is filled with potential risks to both employees and customers so it is absolutely essential to have the appropriate restaurant insurance.

You’ll often see restaurants with windows boarded up. It is suggested that restaurants and shops suffer more vandalism than any other public building. If you do not want your windows to be boarded up for as long as necessary, it’s important to have restaurant insurance to cover the costs for you. Also, should anybody fall over in your restaurant and they decide to sue, you’re covered for the accident.

Restaurant cover actually covers several things for employers and the public should any damages or injury occur. There’s also the business contents insurance, this will cover any theft they may occur. If you do not have this, you’ve basically lost everything that was stolen.

There’s also product liability insurance that will cover legal costs like damages and injury; however it also covers customer illness due to anything consumed on your property.

Finally there’s loss of income insurance, this covers all costs whilst you’re waiting for payment from your insurance.

Restaurants are such a fickle business to be in and offer the compensation vulture a great claiming game, be smart and don’t let them play.

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