Choosing the right shop insurance

Shop insurance is extremely important if you own a retail store. Of course this may seem like an unnecessary expense when profits have obviously slid however, it’s essential that you’re covered ‘just in case’. The recession has hit Britain hard and with people generally struggling; the urge to turn to thieving is a lot more tempting. Take the riots in our UK cities only a few years ago. Just in case this happens to you it’s important to be covered for everything you deem necessary in light of your business.

Remember that being prepared does cost however, it’s better than not having a leg to stand on. There’s certainly no better feeling than security. Despite this it is suggested that shops are neglecting their insurance so that their profit margins rise. This way of thinking does stem from desperation, but if you don’t want a damaged window cost to come out of your own money, then you best start considering the right shop insurance for you. Imagine if a customer fell on your shop floor? With the ‘no win no fee’ policy screaming at people you can never be sure what you’d be sued.

So choosing the right shop insurance is an absolute must as there are a variety of covers that you could go for:
The first one is for ‘Public liability insurance’. This will look after any claims that will come from clients or the public that have caused damage to your property. The second is the ‘Employers’ liability insurance’, this will look after all of your staff. If they were to have a fall or become ill due to work conditions, this insurance policy will cover their treatment and time off.

The third policy is ‘Coverage for the building’. This will allow you to claim for any damages that occur due to theft, vandalism or if there’s a flood. Natural disasters are minimal in the UK however, due to recent floods this may be a very handy policy to have covering your back. Finally there’s the ‘Stock and content coverage’. This will cover your shop if anything is taken or damaged.

You can find your best shop insurance quotes online. It’s always advised to get several quotes from a variety of companies and compare the benefits. Remember that this is your business and something deserves the best and appropriate protection.

Compare quotes & buy online

Compare quotes & buy online


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