Beauty Salon Insurance and buying the right cover

Just one compensation claim is enough to sweep your business from beneath your feet. In this day and age the ‘no win no fee’ policy haunts the standard employer each and every day. The need for health and safety regulations and insurance cover is top priority. More and more high street stores experience vandalism every day; it doesn’t matter if you work in a restaurant, shop, bakery or beauty salon.

Of course insurance policies are important for any corporation in any industry. However with things like beauty salons where you’re the sole owner, you are under plenty more risk than other companies. The shuddering blow of a claim will certainly be enough to diminish your business, so it’s absolutely vital to ensure that proper beauty salon insurance is put into place before business opens.

There are plenty of procedures that take place in a beauty salon, for instance, hair removal, injections and laser treatment. This industry is considered a high risk business and should be fully protected with insurance.

It’s vital to cover everybody working at your salon too. What if there’s a fire, accident, something stolen or injury? There are so many things that could happen in any high street building however, with beauty salons there are actually more risks.

So what insurance can you get?

Well there’s the employer’s and public liability insurance, this will cover damages, expenses and all legal costs should somebody get injured. There’s also the business content and product insurance. There are plenty of desirable products in beauty salons so it’s important to be covered if something just goes ‘missing’ or if you know it’s been stolen.

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