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An important aspect of staying in business is having a good shop insurance policy that protects you against unforeseen events that can occur, such as Fire, Lightning, Storm or Tempest, Flooding. Any one of these catastrophic unforeseen events could close you down, it may become impossible for you to resume trading, leading you to bankruptcy, putting at risk your livelihood and that of any dependents on you such as your employees who will find that they no longer have a work place. So for your peace of mind and to safeguard your livelihood buy the protection of a retail policy as it is the most important factor in running your business. This is a better and cheaper solution. To get your quote from leading insurance companies Please call Top Insurance Services on

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The benefits of buying a shop Insurance policy

The risks that your business faces when you are open for business or even when closed for the night are numerous. Some are trivial but some are so serious that they could stop you from trading for a long time.

For example, in recent years we have been experiencing severe bad weather like storms and flooding. There is also the possible risk of lightning strike or fire due to some electrical malfunction. These incidents are so grave that they can stop you from trading for several months and during all this time you will not be able to trade. Worse still you will not be earning any money and you will be living off your savings or bank overdraft.

Regularly we hear about thefts and break-ins in the middle of the night when thieves tend to steal stock and money. If this happened to you, you will have to find the finance to replace the missing stock, repair the doors, windows and fixtures that the thieves have damaged while breaking into your premises.

Everyday people, including your customers and employees, are being contacted by legal firms by means of text messages or recorded voice messages offering to help them make an injury claim. Now, imagine if someone did put such a claim by alleging that the incident occurred on your premises! Defending a legal claim for compensation is time consuming and costly. The legal costs can soon mount up to stretch your finances to the limits and on top of this you then have to pay any compensation Therefore, to protect yourself and your finances it is far cheaper and more prudent to purchase a retail insurance policy as the insurer and its legal team will be defending the claim on your behalf. furthermore they will also pay the compensation award to the injured person if they are successful.

Finally, after a fire incident, you will think and feel as if you have lost everything that you have worked for, not a happy time. You then remember that you bought a shop insurance policy,  and things start brightening up for you as the insurer starts paying for the repairs. It is precisely at this moment you finally you start seeing the benefits of the policy that you bought.

Standard shop policy covers


The sum insured should be the rebuilding costs of your premises. This amount should include a figure for the removal of debris – site clearance – Planning fees, architect fees and the building work to restore your premises. Please note that this is not the selling price

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The sum insured should include the following items and should be the current replacement price for each item:

    1. Business equipment
    2. Fixtures and fittings and all other contents
    3. Electronic Office and Computer Equipment
    4. Electronic Scales
    5. Counters
    6. Tills
    7. Tenants improvements costs


    1. Stock in trade including Goods in trust (Goods held by you for your customers) other than high risk items which are covered as separate items (see below)
  1. Refrigerated and or all other stock

The following high risk items can be covered –  a sum insured is  required for each item

  • Audio / Video / TV Equipment
  • Cigarettes, Cigars And Tobacco
  • Clothing
  • Computer Equipment and Software
  • Computer Games
  • Drugs and Medicines
  • Jewellery
  • Mobile Telephones and Radios
  • Photographic Equipment and Binoculars
  • Power Tools
  • Records, Tapes, DVDs, CDs and Videos
  • Wines and Spirits

General Liability

  • Public Liability: £2 Million any one event
  • Products Liability:  £2 Million any one event
  • Employers Liability: £10 Million any one event
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Other covers that may be included, some optional, in the policy

  • Treatment Risks
  • Goods in Transit
  • Money in Transit
  • Loss of Liquor Licence
  • Glass and Sanitary Ware
  • Personal Accident Assault
  • Seasonal increases in stock value
  • Legal expenses and legal protection
  • Loss of profits / Business Interruption

No Claims discounts

Good Physical security and the presence of an alarm connected to a monitoring station with police level one response will qualify you for a reduced premium as the insurer will offer you a substantial discount. Furthermore if you have been trading for a period of time without any claims or losses again the insurer will offer you a no claims discount for your good claims history.

Further information

For further information about any shop insurance policy cover that you need,  please read our guide to getting the right cover, or the  keyfacts / summary of covers to get a clear picture about the protection you will be getting with our comprehensive and competitively priced quotes before deciding to buy.  After all, a well informed buyer is a satisfied happy customer.Top Insurance Services telephone number