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Whether your business is classed as a tearoom, a sandwich bar, a coffee shop, a bistro or a greasy spoon, it’s essentially a cafe, and so needs to be protected by an appropriate cafe insurance policy.

A successful cafe is a busy, high-risk environment. You can employ the most cautious, prudent staff and adhere strictly to health and safety guidelines, yet it is still possible for accidents to occur.

Customers can get sick, or injured, as can members of staff. Without insurance, you would be expected to cover the cost of legal fees and compensation. Plus there’s the possibility of theft or damage to your business and its contents.  It is therefore essential that you protect your cafe with the right level of cafe insurance. Cafe insurance is specifically designed to safeguard your business against the typical occurrences that can beset a cafe and bring about significant losses.

Due to the variety of risks that a cafe is vulnerable to, cafe insurance is an amalgamation of several insurance types:

The right insurance cover for your Coffee shop / Cafe

  • Employer’s liability insurance

    Covers any damages, legal costs and expenses, should an employee get injured.

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  • Public liability insurance

    Cover any damages, legal costs and expenses in the event of a customer getting injured or their property getting stolen / damaged.

  • Business contents insurance

    Cover against the theft and or damage of your business’ contents.

  • Product liability insurance

    to cover any damages, legal costs and expenses in the event of customer illness/death because of food/drink served on your premises.

  • Loss of income insurance

    Covers any loss of income that occurs whilst waiting for an insurance payout.

It is essential for the protection of your livelihood that your policy incorporates all the facets of insurance outlined above.

Perfect Products Combined with Top Customer Service

When it comes to cafe insurance, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never advisable. Too little cover and you’re at risk, too much cover and you’re paying over the odds. At we tailor each policy to the exact requirements of each client. In doing so we ensure that the premiums we charge represent outstanding value.

And all our products are backed up by our outstanding customer service.

Our representatives are always contactable to assist and advise you – Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 or email us your question to and we will get back to you Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 To find out more, call us today on 0121-628 9494.


Compare quotes & buy online
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