Public Liability – what happens if someone falls in the shop

Should a Slip & Trip claim occur then your shop insurance will cover you for any potential Public liability or Employee Liability claim that your business will face from both customers and employees. Legal fees can be very high and if you do not have this cover you will have to pay from your own resources the exorbitant legal fees. Furthermore you will have to pay any compensation award that may be awarded to the claimant by the courts. This may put your business at risk as you may have to sell your private assets to meet the costs of the claim.

Therefore, to stay in business ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover and protect your source of income.

Employers Liability is compulsory by law and Health & Safety – inspectors may shut your business until you get this type of insurance cover and in some cases they may fine you a daily amount until you obtain this cover. This is a costly event and it is cheaper to get insured.

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